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New Zealand schools

Schoolturf is Christchurch's leading installer and supplier of one of the most advanced artificial grass on the market.


Peace of Mind

Have peace of mind that you are installing a five star safety surface and eliminating all the mud and mess associated with bad weather in the playground. Whether it’s muddy, rough ground or an existing old play surface, Schoolturf can transform your grounds and play areas.

  • Create safe & clean play and sports areas
  • No more mud trailing through your school
  • Saves time and maintenance costs


Environmentally Friendly

No more:

  • Water required to make the grass grow
  • Harmful fertilisers to further growth
  • Weedkillers that leech into the water table
  • Fuel used to cut the grass
  • Disposal issues



Artificial grass is more hygienic than normal grass, it's also much safer for kids. If you have play equipment, you want to be sure that if they fall from climbing frames they have as much protection as possible. Our premium underlay protects critical falls from up to 1.3M.

Our grass ranges are safe and perfect for the children to play and enjoy the great outdoors.


Perfect for Sports

ShoolTurf can provide a range of innovative product solutions for all sports and playground surfacing. From sand filled multi-use surfaces for tennis, netball and hockey to recycled foam underlay for safety fall arrest surfacing under playgorunds, we have a solution for every school requirement. With a range of different coloured yarns available, we can custom make a surface to create a colourful and vibrant environment for the kids play areas.

The opportunities are endless...

Thumbs Up

Low Maintenance

There's no doubt that cutting grass is a time consuming task, and in the height of the summer you need to deal with it every week. And then there's the fertilising, the watering (remember those water restrictions) and the cleaning! With artificial grass most of those problems go away - no cutting, no fertilising, no watering, no weeds...

An artificial grass lawn looks great all year round. Our premium grass ranges are highly realistic in look and touch and perfect all year round.

Ask us first

Turf is our specialty. We work with school boards, principals and city councils. We understand the decision process. We are Site Wise ‘Green’ accredited. Safety comes first. Our workmanship is guaranteed. We listen and communicate. Call us today so we can make an appointment to come and look at your property. Once we understand your needs we can give you an accurate quote. Contact us today!

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