Extra Services

SchoolTurf Offers

SchoolTurf also offers

  • Perimeter fencing - either galvanised, black or green
  • Line markings - multi sport use to maximise area usage
  • Nets and hoops - Steel or aluminum, fixed or mobile units for all sports
  • Lighting - custom designed to meet your school’s site requirements
  • Maintenance service - ongoing service to keep your surface in great condition

All Weather Playability

All Weather Playability

Technology has improved the way we live and how we play. Multi-purpose sports surfaces are not just for sporting benefits, but will attract more children towards outdoor activities. Convert your muddy winter sports field and old, worn asphalt and concrete surfaces to first-class all weather, all-season playing surfaces.



We have an innovative range of FIH approved hockey surfaces varying from 'wet' fields to sand dressed surfaces with in-situ laid shock absorbance pads. Our sand, water and waterless/dry based systems have been tested and receive accreditation by the FIH (Federation International Hockey).

Team Turf approved synthetic hockey surfaces:

School Turf offers systems for both Global Level and National Level. The manufacturer is an FIH registered company, and its hockey systems meet all FIH standards, including but not limited to Ball Roll, Ball Rebound and Impact Response. Their global level system is certified for top-level professional hockey games, such as the Olympic Games and the World Cup.  There are two pile heights to choose from a 13mm and a 19mm.

SchoolTurf performance objectives include the highest levels of player enjoyment, safety, comfort, durability and extended use in adverse weather conditions. Hockey fields demand the most in terms of absolute perfection in installation, and it is our commitment to excellence in this area that allows us to maintain our premier status amongst the Hockey fraternity.

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With the right approach to a refit, damaged playgrounds, uneven asphalt or cracked concrete repairs can be cost effective. At the same time you’ll be converting your old and hard surfaces into attractive, safe play, sports areas. There are many surface and colour options to choose from. Our low impact surfaces can be multi-coloured and lined to facilitate netball, basketball, volleyball, hockey, tennis, cricket and more.